About Jeevika Resort

Jeevika Health Resort is first of its kind in Sindhudurg and it is one of the biggest with world class facilities. The specialty of the resort is that it is surrounded by dense forest from all the four sides, which add the colors to the resort. It has varieties of rare species of plants,flowers and birds also. It gives a very pleasant atmosphere of 100% oxygen , which makes usfully, charged as we get exhausted from our day stressful activities. So the time spent here is worthwhile.

This resort also promotes agro tourism and the old culture of India is followed here ,by staying at the resort the body gets purified by Ayurveda treatments carried out here and mind by atmosphere and the nature.


Jeevika Resort is a homely and opulent place that could not be better positioned for your recreation and vocational needs. Essentially built on the conception of introducing the distressed local Indian voyager or holidaymaker to a new and unexplored whereabouts in Sindhudurg, coastal region in Maharashtra, India.

The property distinctly depends on local resources, farm fresh ingredients, materials, and reservoir to help sustain this modest place. Whether it's a short-term visit, a long-term business trip, or a conventional family holiday and if you are looking for a pleasant, quiet getaway and relaxed stay, Jeevika Resort is created

"especially for you"

Our Staff

Director-Mr.Narayan Gunaji Sawant

Director-Mrs.Nikita Narayan Sawant

Manager-Miss.Priyanka Krushna Kudav